Get Marketo Certified - Step 1: Assess your skills

Get Marketo certified

By becoming certified with Marketo, you'll bring your team and organization valuable knowledge, and you will become a worthy asset. However, passing the test can be easier said than done, so it is crucial to your success that you follow a structured study plan and are prepared for the exam. Let's talk about what to expect and how to assess your skills before you start studying. Read more

Get Marketo Certified - Step 2: Plan your training

Get Marketo certified

Once you understand the basics of the test and have performed a self-assessment to determine which areas need work, you can then start planning your training. You can't just study a few hours here, a few hours there, and hope that you will do well on the test. Instead, you must approach this as an athlete training for a marathon or other event. Your training must be methodical and follow a strict schedule to ensure you are adequately managing your study time. Read more